Friday, September 9, 2011

Just singing in the rain...what a wonderful feeling....

Okay, due to this AWESOME (note the sarcasm) Indiana weather, our five mile run and 13 mile run are not going to happen this week.

Also, due to the incredible amount of people lacking common sense, T and I have made a mutual agreement that if one of us needs to change the schedule and do what we call an "angry run", then we skip the intervals, decrease the mileage, and flat out run the frustration out.  On an angry run...talking is optional, speed is not.  I had one of these days not too long ago, and T didn't like that I did it alone.  So now we have an understand and a standard in place when these things happen.  Sometimes you just don't want to talk about your day, but skipping the run isn't an option either.  Now, we can just run in until we curse, sweat, bleed, and possibly cry....or 3 out of 4 isn't bad.  lol

Last night I got an email from T saying she needed an angry run.  I said "okay, 'nuf said...I understand".  I went home, got ready...was EXTREMELY pumped for a run in the rain....purposefully running in rain hasn't happened for us yet.  By the time she got off of work, she was in a better mood...but the running was on.  She was running late, so I took off and did a lap around my addition...something like 3/4 mile..probably a little less than that.  It was a good warm up.  Once she got off of work, I headed to her house and we were off.  The misty rain felt great!  We got some funny looks from people passing in their cars...but who cares?!  We set out to only run a mile and ended up doing over 2!  I ran home after words, making my total RUN for the night just shy of 3.5 miles!  Saaweeett!

I think I was more wet from sweat than the rain!!
I wore my new shoes with new insoles...they felt great with one exception.  The backs are too high and they rubbed my Achilles tendon raw.  I'm going to work on stretching that part of the shoe to counter act that.  But otherwise, awesome shoe!

LOOOOOVE the color of these bold new kickers!
I got home just in time to cook a healthy dinner for my hubs.  Now I don't usually post food stuff...but the kitchen is really my home.  So here's what I made....doesn't really have a name.

Slice up and cook some turkey sausage in a little olive oil.
Use a can of sliced new potatoes and brown until crispy...salt and pepper.
In a separate pan, add a can of corn and green beans.
Once everything has been cooked, mix everything together.  Add a little dried onions and parsley and let boil for a few more minutes.  Serve.



  1. Love you girls have an "angry run" plan! Love that you used your plan! Glad everyone was feeling better. Awesome of you to get out and run in the rain. We skipped our long run yesterday because it was too rainy (such a pathetic excuse . . . especially for us and especially this close the the GOAL race, but . . . we caved - it didn't get done, we're moving on).

    Your dinner looks great! I'm so totally making it this weekend - oh yes I am!!!!

    Good luck to "T" tomorrow for her awesome race!!!

  2. We made it a good, in Indiana, you never might rain at fort4fit! We will be ready. That dinner is cheap and easy...kind of a "go to" meal... hope you like it!