Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Frontier 10K


What the heck was I thinking?!

My husband and I were out on a date night until 2AM the night before the race.  Not smart..but okay..I can deal with that.  I woke up and scrambled to get ready.  Didn't have my normal pre-race breakfast...we were out.  Took some time for me to figure out where I was going. 

When I got there I registered, and got my stuff.
When I headed back to hit the port-a-potty, this was the line:

By the time that I got out of the potty it was 2 minutes till the race started.  I was heading to the starting line when I realized that my hands were too empty.  I had forgotten my water bottle IN the port-a-potty.  I ran back to find it occupied.  So I waited for this gentleman to come out.  I explain what I did and he said he wondered about that.  I grabbed it and ran to the finish line just in time to see them taking off. 

There obviously wasn't very good communication about which race was starting when, because 5K runners started taking off with the 10K runners.  I started out with intervals of 1:15/1:30 run/walk.  That didn't last.  I switched to 1/1:30...but that was too much walking.  So, when I had it in me, I started running 15 seconds before my running interval started.  After a while, I just completely abandoned the intervals and did what I could.

About mile 3, the sun was beating on me and burning my skin.  I just felt really over heated.  I kept hearing "Wells L's" words in my head..."just take it slow....tummy in, good posture!"  That worked pretty well until mile 4. 


This is about when I started praying for an injury.  Something to take me out of the race.  Something that would save me from the this insanity!  I kept telling myself (sometimes out loud) "You've got this!  You did a 1/2 marathon for Pete sake!"  Yeah, but I trained for that.  It was about at 4.5 mile marker that the unthinkable happened....

Volunteers had left their posts.  I had about 5 people behind me and it had been my goal to keep them there.  They were helping keep my pace.  All of a sudden, the guy in front of me stops and turns around and says "where are those girls going?!"  I turned around and looked.  Sure enough, the group behind me that I was so determined to stay ahead of have turned about a 1/2 mile down the road.  They kept looking at us and the street that they were getting ready to turn on...as if they weren't sure that it was the way.  The guy in front of me says "my wife has done this race before, she must think we were supposed to turn."  This makes total sense know that I think of it.  There weren't any volunteers directing traffic at the last major intersection that I had crossed.  So the guy in front of me and I both turn around and head back.  FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!!!!!!!  I am now in DEAD LAST.  I have NEVER finished last in a race and I was not about to start. 

But...I'm pretty dead on my feat right about now and wouldn't you know it...hills.  Big tall hills.  Thanks.  Awesome.  To top it off, I'm getting scared.  I can't see the group in front of me and there are NO volunteers or police officers around....and I'm running through down town Fort Wayne.  Now I'm fighting tears.  My first race without a partner or cheering squad..and I get lost and last.  So I call the hubs up...choking back tears.  He calms me down and tells me to just push through and catch up with the group in front of me.  This about when a cop pulls up behind me and asks if I'm okay.  I wanted to bawl and just crawl in his car and say "Take me back!"  But I didn't.  I told him I was fine, just upset that there wasn't anyone posted at the last turn to direct us. 

The last mile or so was excruciating!  I walked about the rest of the way.  There was at least 2 more turns missing volunteers and the 6 mile post was no where to be found. 

I didn't finish last...but I DID finish.

I grabbed my food after words and jumped in my car.

(pretty good grub!  A wrap, baked layes, an apple, and water)

It was just a really bad experience for me.  It wasn't necessarily the course, I just wouldn't chose to do it alone.
My time was horrendous...but I didn't quit...and believe me...I WANTED TO!

Ever have a SUCK-TASTIC race?


  1. 10K's are HARD . . . period! You did your first one! It's behind you! You didn't quit - sooo would have been easy to get in the cop car - awesome job to dig deep. Even the suckiest races make us stronger . . . sometimes more so than the easy ones. 10K's are hard - it's definitely a challenging distance!!!! You weren't last - I saw that on the results over the weekend and was proud of you!!!!
    And yes, everyone has had TONS of sucktastic races!!!!! It wouldn't be right if they were all easy - then everyone would do it! You gained so much in inner strength and courage and will - that's priceless and will definitely help you!!!!! Way to gut it out!!!!!
    Where's your post race beer????? I thought that was the signature of this race a block party with beer! Hmph!

  2. I was afraid the beer would make a reappearance if I drank it. I saw "C" there before the race. Always good to see at least one familiar face in the crowd. Thanks for the words of encouragement...they are always appreciated! See you tomorrow...hope you Are feeling better.

  3. I think this race was unbelievably hard as well. It was hot, the sun was excruciating. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with getting lost on the course, but way to dig deep and finish when many people would have given up.

    Like "Wells L" I think 10ks are ridiculously hard. They should be easier than a half, but I think they can be just as tough! Love your top by the way!

    I have had my fair share of sucktastic races - recently due to injuries and lack of conditioning and last year as a result of my tummy problems. Its extremely hard to do, but after a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I try to convince myself that it makes me a stronger runner than I keep getting back out there and trying when it isn't easy.

    For what its worth, I think you are doing great! :)

  4. Hey girl -where you been? Hope you're ok!